Even Moderate Drinking May Be Bad For The Brain
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Alice G. Walton  June 8th, 2017

In the ongoing alcohol-and-health debate, the evidence hasn’t been easy to parse. Some studies have suggested that there's a measurable health benefit to having a little alcoholone researcher even wrote an editorial suggesting that doctors tell their abstaining patients to start drinking a little for the health benefits. But other research has suggested that there’s no truly safe level of alcohol, since even light drinking is linked to health risks, including cancer.

Will Your Health Insurance Cover You Abroad?
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No, GOP Health Bill Does Not Reduce Requirements On Large Employer Health Plans
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The passage of the House bill to repeal and replace Obamacare has stirred up hysteria from the left and the media over how the bill might undermine health coverage for all sorts of people, nearly all of which is overblown or just plain false. One of the latest false criticisms spreading in the media claims that a provision to allow states to waive the essential health benefit (EHB) requirement puts everyone with an employer-sponsored health plan at risk of losing protections against catastrophic costs.

A Cuban vaccine might some day turn lung cancer into a chronic disease
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